How Much Do You Know?

A number of young people were hosted by the good people at the Reproductive Health Uganda clinic in Kamwokya. An NGO that has dedicated all resources they can to accelerating the access to sexual and reproductive health services to all young people (Youth friendly services for all.)

RAHU in session with young people at RHU clinic.

Basing on very obvious reasons, certain topical issues (Sex) are hard to discuss with young people. And as always, we tend to want to blame the person closest to us for all the things that go awfully wrong, all the time. Thanks to NGOs like Reach A Hand and Reproductive Health Uganda, these very unchartered waters about reproductive and sexual health are the very ones they tread with a vigor only a plank of wood would explain of a termite’s efforts.


People are sexually active. As always, some people can afford to have sex but can’t exactly afford to take care of the consequences that it comes with.

There is an alarming increase in the number of illegal and unsafe abortions that are being carried out today.

This is where RHU and Reach A hand Uganda come in. Their initiative is to educate the youth. Provide certain services – mostly counseling, contraceptives and moral support in case of any complications.

RAHU in session with young people at RHU clinic


My question to you today is, How much do you know? How much do you know about contraceptives, their use and functionality? How much do you know about how well to handle a young person that has sex related concerns? How much help would you know to offer a young girl who’s just had an unsafe abortion?

If your answer is the same as mine, where all you can mostly do is stare at them like a bee just stung, staring wildly like you’re nursing a stroke. Then employ RHU, invite them to your schools, hospitals, districts, homes. The best decision you’ll be so glad you ever done, will be to educate yourself and those you love and care about.

Happy World Health Day, let’s keep the HIV prevalence rate as low as we can.




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